Friday, I’m in love!

Pretty Nerdery

Original title, no? I know… no. But it’s Friday and I refuse to work hard at anything – even blog post titles!

Next week I’ll be starting a feature I’m calling Fandom Friday. I’ll be exploring the multitudinous fandoms in which I participate and the ways that I try to blend them into my home and everyday life. I plan to cover everything from my first and foremost love, Star Trek, to the less expected fandoms like floors and staircases!


Friday, I'm in love! - Fandom Friday
DIE. (image via little green notebook)



Friday, I'm in love! - Fandom Friday
I am resurrected and die again! (image)


As for today, I’m lamenting the lack of sunlight. Normally, I love overcast days because it means I don’t feel guilty for staying inside and getting lots of projects done! But I was hoping to take lots of photos of the house-in-progress to share! Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of natural light in this townhouse, so cloudy days don’t allow for very good photography. And the forecast isn’t looking much better… I hope you guys can just be patient for a bit.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep working on projects and sharing blurry progress photos over on Instagram. Do you guys follow me over there? I’m also on Twitter if you want to holla at me! And if you prefer to just stalk what I’m stalking, you can follow my Pinterest. I’d love to connect with you guys!!!

(Look how many exclamation marks I use. I’m basically obsessed. I yell a lot when I get excited, so sorry not sorry if that’s not your jam, but this is exclamation city up in here.)

For now, I’ll leave you with this photo of which I am a HUGE fan:


Friday, I'm in love! - Fandom Friday
His name is Mutts Albert and I want to marry him!! (image)

What fandoms do you love? Anyone else trying to marry Mutts Albert and his throne of amazing stairs??

Friday, I'm in love! - Fandom Friday


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