A Special Weekend Visitor!

We had a special visitor this weekend: Miss Pickles! Miss Pickles is my stepmom’s dog. Every year my Dad and stepmom drive down to Hamilton to run the Around the Bay 30km road race with my stepsister. It’s a tradition that started while my stepsister was attending McMaster University and they’ve kept it going! In the past, they’ve had to bring their dogs to a kennel while they were away, but now that we’ve got […]

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Friday, I’m in love!

Pretty Nerdery

Original title, no? I know… no. But it’s Friday and I refuse to work hard at anything – even blog post titles! Next week I’ll be starting a feature I’m calling Fandom Friday. I’ll be exploring the multitudinous fandoms in which I participate and the ways that I try to blend them into my home and everyday life. I plan to cover everything from my first and foremost love, Star Trek, to the less expected […]

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